Project Health Check

“You don’t hear things that are bad about your company unless you ask.”                     — Thomas J. Watson (1874-1956) —


Why Use Health-checks?

It is well known that in most business arenas, the cost of correcting an issue is many times the cost of preventing it. Looming problems can go undetected or be ignored because the project team has faith that if they just follow the plan the benefits will materialise.

At an enterprise level, conducting Health-checks on a sample of projects enables common issues and non-compliances to be captured and resolved in a cost-effective way and applied to future projects.

The DIMCA project health check compare project performance against established good practices based on several projects methods.

The health check would compare project performance against good practices in the areas of:

• Project Processes

Starting up, planning, day to day control, governance, closure and learning

• Project Approaches

Organisation, roles, control of risk and quality, change management, configuration management, credible plans

• Project Techniques

Finance and business cases, definition of deliverables, change requests, issue handling, quality review, estimation, scheduling, dependency management, status monitoring and reporting

Success Factors

Capability to understand & intervene in projects includes management of:

– Complexity

– Uncertainty

– Risks

It needs:

– Creative-reflective managers

– Smart tools

– Tailored practices